As personal style becomes increasingly important in a world where individuality is celebrated, self-expression is becoming more and more indispensable to the modern woman. Take today’s bride and how she approaches her wedding, for example: everything is personalized, from the engagement photos to the save-the-dates, the invites to the place cards, the decor to the dress… and so it’s only natural that she would want the rings and the rest of her bridal jewelry to be just as one-of-a-kind and special!

Uneek Fine Jewelry understands this need, which is why we are pleased to offer an improved, more convenient custom jewelry design service: Uneek CUSTOM-Tailored. For almost two decades, Uneek Fine Jewelry has served jewelry retailers across the United States with custom jewelry services, and after honing our craft and listening to our customers over the last 15 years, we have decided to take this service to a whole new level!

Fine-tuned to cater to the most discerning of retailers and the most intuitively style-conscious of wearers, Uneek CUSTOM-Tailored keeps itself ahead by placing the store’s unique needs and their customers’ unique personal styles at the heart of the whole process. Begin your Uneek CUSTOM-Tailored journey today!

Uneek Jewelry

1 Talk to your authorized Uneek retail partner about the piece of jewelry you have been
dreaming about the best reflects your unique personal style.
Click here to find an authorized Uneek retail partner near you.

2Your retailer will then reach out to the Uneek team to initiate the CUSTOM-Tailored design
process, communicating your ideas to Uneek’s design artisans.

3Uneek will send a 3D CAD renderings of your personal dream piece to your retailer,
for your review and approval.

4Once approved, your design will be sent back to Uneek’s design artisians who will
bring your one-of-a-kind personal dream piece of life.

Uneek Jewelry

Customer Testimonials


“Not only does Uneek provide me with affordable bridal and a wide variety of bridal collections to pick from, their custom work is second to none!”
Mark Motes, Smyth Jewelers, Maryland
“Uneek's custom work meets our high standards of quality over and over again. They are always fast and the price is always right. We use them a lot with our center diamonds in both Uneek designs and our own custom designs.”
Joshua Halpern, Albert's Diamond Jewelers, Indiana
“Hildgund has been doing business with Uneek for a short time. To sum up my experience with Uneek, I would say this company says what they will do and does what you say. You don’t have to call a second time to remind them of something they promised. I am planning for a long-lasting relationship with Uneek.”
Bruce Bucky, Hildgund Jewelers, Hawaii
“Everyone at Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry loves working with Uneek. Not only is the quality exceptional, but delivery time is faster than any other designer or manufacturer. Whether it’s a stock piece or custom order, Uneek always delivers the best quality at the best price…always!”
Jamie Lossie, Solomon Brothers, Georgia
“I would like say thank you to Uneek for sending us such a beautiful setting! It's a perfect fit for the center stone! Your delivery date was much quicker than expected and not unappreciated​! Please pass this message on to your design department and whomever else was involved! Great Job!”
Stephen Cunio, Springer’s Jewelers, Maine
“Working with Benjamin and his team at Uneek has been nothing but enjoyable. Their commitment to quality and fast customer service has never ceased to amaze me!”
Jennifer McCullough, Smyth Jewelers, Maryland