Ruby & Emerald Engagement Rings

Ruby & Emerald Engagement Rings

Your love is like no other, so it’s only fitting that you choose an engagement ring that’s just as unique. This collection of ruby and emerald engagement rings from Uneek Jewelry includes a variety of breathtaking designs that she’s sure to love.

With vibrant gemstones that gleam at the center, these rings are sure to turn heads. Each one is also complemented by a beautiful array of crystal-clear diamonds that add even more sparkle and glamour. For an engagement ring with sophistication and style, be sure to choose from this collection of gorgeous ruby and emerald rings from Uneek.


These lovely gemstone rings have a timeless quality that makes them a perfect choice for an engagement ring. The use of a vibrant gemstone instead of a clear diamond adds a little extra personality to your pick for the best ring to pledge your unending love. In addition, it adds a bit of a vintage look to the ring that makes it appear like a flawless family heirloom. Depending on your loved one’s personal style, you can choose from the romantic deep red of the ruby or the lush green of the emerald. Alternative jewelry pieces like these engagement rings are an increasingly popular choice for couples who want to make a stylish statement when announcing their engagement.


While a gleaming ruby or emerald serves as the focal point of each of these rings, it’s the diamonds that elevate each design to a higher level. By surrounding the gemstone with clear, sparkling diamonds, the color of the ruby or emerald appears even more vibrant and complex. Our diamonds are carefully selected based on the highest standards for quality, color and clarity, ensuring that your ring looks undeniably glamourous from every angle. Choose from these luxury gemstone engagement rings to mark this important step toward your future.