Featured Retailer : Gunderson's

  • Gunderson's was originally founded in Sioux City as a watch repair shop in 1945 by George Gunderson. Gunderson's soon transformed into a full service regional retail jeweler and is now one of the largest independent jewelry stores in the Midwest with locations in Sioux City, Iowa, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Omaha, Nebraska.

    For over 65 years, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. Gunderson's takes great pride in and recognizes the importance of our employees. As in the past, we continue to add new staff who are talented, enthusiastic and dedicated to our ideals of quality, service and community awareness.

    Gunderson's believes in honesty, quality and reliability. Our goal is to make the highest quality diamonds, fine jewelry and gifts available in an online shopping environment that’s safe, secure and enjoyable.

    Gunderson's sits on a rich and diverse foundation of experience in the diamond industry – more than 6 decades of involvement in every facet of the business: from diamond mining to diamond cutting, from jewelry design through production. And, Gunderson's is also supported by effective sales and marketing efforts, with corporate incentive programs, successful retail outlets, and a major presence on the Internet.

    The credentials of the staff at Gunderson's are as sparkling as the stones they know so well -- trained Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America, certified Gemologist Appraisers from the American Gem Society, and members of the International Society of Appraisers.

    For our knowledgeable and friendly team, diamonds are more than just a business…they’re a vocation. They’re “contemporary veterans’ keeping current with new trends and staying at the vanguard of design innovation. At Gunderson's, our service is unmatched, our value is unparalleled, and our prices are fantastic!

  • Address:

    Gunderson's Jewelers
    Lakeport Commons
    4830 Sergeant Road
    Sioux City, IA 51106
    (712) 255-7229
    (800) 444-4431

    Gunderson's Jewelers
    Bridges at 57th
    2109 W. 57th St
    Sioux Falls SD 57108
    (605) 338-9060

    Gunderson's Jewelers
    Village Pointe
    17255 Davenport St #111
    Omaha NE 68118
    (402) 935-6332

  • Customer reviews:

    “Great place with highly educated people [who are] willing to help!”

    - Mark V. gave a 5-star rating on December 29, 2016

    “Love the service and expertise of the staff. Of course, I love the jewelry, too.”

    - Maria A., October 2, 2013

    “My husband surprised me with the most beautiful diamond ring...other than my wedding ring...I was literally speechless. I had to go in and get it sized and the people who work here were super nice! Not antagonistic or rude and never pushy! Customer for life. Thank you.”

    - Jennifer Carroll P. gave a 5-star rating on February 13, 2016

    “Excellent selection and excellent customer service! Always willing to go above and beyond for the customer.”

    - Mindy S. gave a 5-star rating on August 4, 2016

    “Wonderful service! Staff was amazing and knowledgeable. Couldn't of asked for a better experience. Thank you!”

    - Zac and Mickey G. gave a 5-star rating on October 21, 2014