Gemstone Pendants & Necklaces

Gemstone Pendants & Necklaces

Make a stylish statement the moment you step out wearing one of these gorgeous gemstone pendant necklaces from Uneek Jewelry.

With a selection of stunning sapphires and rubies, these gemstone pendants offer a bold burst of color that makes any ensemble more eye-catching. You’ll love that each design is accented by sparkling diamonds that make your necklace even more alluring. In addition to adding some of these pendants to your own personal collection, you may want to pick up a few as precious gifts to give to your loved ones for special occasions. Shop now to discover a stunning selection of gemstone pendant necklaces at Uneek.


Bringing vivid, vibrant colors into your jewelry collection is a wonderful way to make your looks more dynamic than ever. One of these luxurious gemstone pendants can completely change the look of your outfit. The regal, sophisticated appearance of sapphires or rubies creates a polished and elegant look time and time again. These pendants are perfect for creating a glamorous appearance with a single stylish accessory. They can be worn with simple, sleek outfits to add a pop of sparkle and shine or paired with luxurious formalwear to put the perfect finishing touch on your look for a special event.


By surrounding these gemstones with tiny sparkling diamonds, the complex color of the center stone becomes even more exciting and complex. Most of our designs feature a unique diamond halo that creates a gorgeous and glamorous border for the center gemstone. Whether you want to bring out the beautiful, bold blue of a sapphire or the deep, romantic red of a ruby, you’ll find that our diamond designs certainly do the trick. Wear one of these stunning gemstone pendants to enjoy a luxurious and lovely look for any occasion.