Wedding Rings

Wedding Bands

The wedding band—steeped in tradition, its never-ending shape a symbol of eternity throughout history. Who could ever have imagined that something of such an insignificant size could signify so very much, could hold so much importance, could command so much time, energy and thought… And culminate with a decision that would forever represent one of life’s biggest decisions.

Uneek understands the deep significance of the wedding band and the lifetime of promises it will represent. So we make a promise, too—our promise of outstanding design, remarkable selection, and lasting quality of materials and workmanship. A Uneek wedding band is intended for a lifetime—to be worn through the ups, the downs, the anticipated as well as the unexpected moments yet to come.

Eternity Rings

For a wedding, an anniversary, a promise made, a promise kept—a band from Uneek's Eternity Collection will symbolize and celebrate the occasion from that moment on.

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Classic Rings

There’s a Uneek classic band for brides of every style, every taste, every walk of life.

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Anniversary Rings

A whimsical substitute for the classic wedding band—could also serve as an anniversary band or a statement band, if you come to think of it—a Uneek alternative wedding band is sure to make her stand out.

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Stackable Rings

These wedding bands can also be stacked together.

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